New York Case Study:
June 21, 2012

BACKGROUND New York State is made up of 16,356 election districts and 11,806,000 registered voters across 62 jurisdictions. NY spent a number of years evaluating systems to replace their old style lever machines which had been in use since the early 1900’s. However, no one system or vendor seemed to meet the unique needs and requirements for the State — until Dominion introduced its new accessible voting technology — the ImageCast® BMD.

New York was the first state to sign with Dominion Voting.

What Dominion Did.

NY State believed that all voting systems primarily offered the same features and benefits. They turned to election vendors to provide a voting system that complied with their specific rules and recommendations. However, through extensive evaluation they learned that no single system would meet the specific needs of their jurisdictions.

After listening to various stakeholders, voters, and community groups, Dominion quickly recognized that a tailor-made solution was required to meet the needs of the state, its counties and voters alike. From the ground up, Dominion went to work to customize a voting system specifically for NY.

Migrating from the old lever machine was not going to be an easy task – the new system would have to be easy to use, robust, and reliable. Within months, the ImageCast® Precinct optical scanner was integrated with a custom ballot-marking device and presented to state and county officials. This unique and innovative technology was the first of its kind offering a fully integrated, all-in-one HAVA compliant paper system hat would enable every voter in the state the ability to vote and cast their ballot on the same machine.

Basing the system on election requirements alone however was not going to be enough so Dominion engaged voter outreach groups, independent living centers and voter outreach groups to obtain invaluable feedback on the new system. In doing so, Dominion was able to collect this feedback in a timely manner and immediately fed it back into the engineering and development stream to not only prove system compliance, but Dominion’s dedication to the electorate and needs of NY.

Being only one of two global election system providers capable of meeting New York’s stringent needs, the NY ImageCast® BMD was selected by 52 out of 62 jurisdictions. The State’s extensive certification process proved that the NY ImageCast® BMD would be the viable technology they required.

In addition to achieving compliance and enabling all voters the ability to vote independently and privately, 52 counties chose to re-invest in their own state — the New York ImageCast® BMD was not only made for New York, it was made in New York.