Nevada Case Study

BACKGROUND The State of Nevada consists of 17 counties that span approximately 110,000 square miles, with a population of around 2.7 million people. The two largest counties (Washoe and Clark) have approximately 993,718 registered voters and the smaller counties have nearly 160,041 registered voters.

Unique to Nevada’s election practices, the Election Division of the Secretary of State’s office administers the database setup of 16 individual counties. Clark County sets up its own election database. State elections are conducted on even-numbered years and City elections are conducted on odd-numbered years.

Also unique to Nevada is when a contest ends in a tie vote for any county, township or city office, a deck of cards is used to break the tie. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has been called upon to act as a non-biased objective party when evaluating outside vendors.

The State of Nevada has a multi-platform statewide election system furnished by Dominion Voting Systems and its predecessors. The first implementation took place in 1991 in Clark County, the largest jurisdiction in Nevada. Clark County deploys nearly 500 Edge2’s for Early Voting and nearly 4,400 for Election Day, across approximately 1,000 precincts. After extensive review of multiple vendors in 2003, using Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funds, the Secretary of State’s Office purchased 1,935 Edge2, 1,657 VVPAT, 33 Optech-Insight, 1,380 Card Activators and four 400-C tabulators, so that all 17 counties within the State utilized the same equipment. The State has since increased the total number to 16,871 pieces of equipment statewide. In 2004, the State of Nevada was the first to implement the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail Printer (VVPAT) which has been very successful with Nevada voters.

The majority of the original members of the original Clark County install team in 1991 are still employed
by dominion voting systems

2004 first statewide implementation for vvpat

Nevada provides 14 days of Early Voting statewide for its voters using 6,873 Edge2 units along with offering Mail-in and Absentee ballot tabulation. Nevada has received up to 54,000 mail & absentee ballots in major elections such as the Presidential Election.

The WinEDS management system is used to program and tally all voting devices in every county.

What Dominion Did.

During implementation Nevada expressed concern about service and support of all jurisdictions, especially the smaller counties.

Nevada’s smaller jurisdictions out-number the larger jurisdictions by nearly 80%. During implementation, Nevada expressed concern about the service and support of all jurisdictions, especially the smaller, more remote counties.

Dominion Voting acquired the primary assets of Sequoia Voting Systems in June 2010. Dominion continues to work with the State of Nevada and all of its jurisdictions to ensure a smooth transition. All key personnel were brought on board by Dominion and continue to provide personal contact with each county election office. DVS provides on-site support to small and large jurisdictions along with an in-state Customer Relations Manager (CRM). Dominion provides on-site support personnel to 12 of the 17 jurisdictions for pre-election testing and election-day tally.

Dominion is committed to their customers, and understands that it is crucial to provide expert service and support. The in-state CRM is not only a phone call away, but can drive to the jurisdiction that may be in need of assistance in a matter of hours. For example, when several county clerks were newly elected in 2008, the CRM met at their office on a Saturday providing setup & pre-election test training to 12 county and state staff members. It is this collaborative environment between Dominion, the Secretary of State’s office, and the individual counties that has created a successful long-term relationship.