Cook County Case Study

BACKGROUND The Cook County Clerk serves as the chief election authority for suburban Cook County, Illinois, which includes 132 municipalities - one of the largest election jurisdictions in the nation. The Cook County Clerk’s Office oversees election technology and processes for both the primary and general elections in the County.

With 132 municipalities, Cook County is one of
the largest jurisdictions in the US.

The last several years have brought dramatic innovations and improvements to election administration in Cook County. In 2000, Cook County utilized punch card ballot counters with modems, which set public expectations regarding the early delivery of election results at the time. In response to the Help America Vote Act of 2002, Cook County implemented new voting technologies to replace punch cards, increase ballot accessibility for visually impaired and disabled voters, and improve multi-language voting assistance. In 2005, Cook County selected touch screen and optical scan equipment from Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. In 2010, Cook County began using the new release of WinEDS 4.0, and the County’s voting equipment inventory included 5,727 touch screens, 2,557 optical scanners, 2,553 hybrid activator/ accumulator/wireless transmitters, 25 memory pack receivers and 3 central count scanners. The dynamic product development incorporated Cook County feedback and extensive usability tests to better serve the public and election administration.

What Dominion Did.

Dominion Voting Systems acquired the primary assets of Sequoia Voting Systems and seamlessly delivered sophisticated election support services for Cook County, Illinois. Within months of the transaction, Dominion Voting successfully supported Cook County’s General Election on Nov. 2, 2010

Dominion Voting continues to partner with Cook County to support the unique elections needs of the diverse voting population. In 2012, suburban Cook County will hold Presidential Primary and Presidential General elections, provide Asian-Indian language assistance along with Spanish, Chinese and English, and reduce the number of precincts from 1,937 to 1,673.

To view a short video of Cook County Election Day
operations, as told through the perspectives
of election judges and call center operators.